Validation Studies

Independent Studies:

Korey Stringer Institute:

The Halo Edge device is currently being tested and reviewed by the Korey Stringer Institute ( - the premier US institute that studies dehydration and its effects on Athlete. The studies are going well, the great results. The results and studies will be published early 2017

University of Michigan:

Graduate students at the University of Michigan verified the ability for the Halo Edge to monitor the dehydration of athletes.


Ongoing testing with several hydration institutes including the Gatorade Institute in Florida and fortune 500 companies such as HTC.

4 Years of Internal Studies:

We have been studying and developing the Halo Edge device for over 4 years. We have validated our finding numerous times on countless people, men, women, the old, the young, athletes, and non-athletes. Here are a few of the data runs from our internal validation studies.

Wearables Technologies Conference

As presented at the Wearables Technologies Conference in 2016 (