About us

One of our founders, Devin Miller, is an avid runner. He typically runs 8-10 miles a day and has competed in several marathons.While Devin was completing his dual law degree and MBA degree program, he came up with the idea of a wearable that could monitor your hydration level before, during, and after you run to help you stay hydrated. 
Devin, along with a few partners, entered the idea in an MBA school competition.
Having taken second place in the competition, Devin, decided to continue to pursue the idea after graduation. Devin began by building a team of experts around him, from the head of LG Electronics medical division (David Miller, CEO) to a program from EA Sports (Mike Jones, Head of Software Development). As the team has grown and the technology was reduced from circuits in an external hard drive box to a wearable wristband.
Fast-forward to today and Halo Wearables is a Utah-based company that offers cutting edge wearable devices to help you monitor your hydration level. With a great team and continued R&D, Halo Wearables is emerging as a market leader in the wearables market.