What is the Halo Edge?

Whether you are a runner or cyclist at the top of your game, or simply looking to customize your fitness plan, you are always looking for a better way to optimize your training regimen and stay on top of your hydration. Now there is a better way. We introduce you to the Halo EDGE.

Based upon Hydrate Technologies®, the Halo EDGE offers continuous, real-time monitoring for all runners, cyclists, and hardcore athletes.

Real -Time Feedback

The EDGE, provides real-time monitoring to detect if you are becoming dehydrated and how quickly you are becoming dehydrated based upon trending analysis. This information is given to you real-time through the Halo logo on the top of the device. Flashing green led’s indicate a normal hydrated state. Blue led’s indicate trending towards a hyper-hydrated state. Yellow and red LED’s indicated trending into a dehydrated state, with red being more severe.

Data Driven Mobile Interface

Paired with the real-time is a robust mobile phone app. Compatible with ios and android devices, the EDGE app allows for trending analysis of today’s data versus this week, this month, or even this year. The app allows you to analyze your data, make improvements, see if your hydration regimen is working, and give you the information you need to better understand where you are at and see where you can improve.

Press coverage
" "At the end of the day, these teams know they need to be hydrated but the problem is they don’t have any tools to track it," Calero says. "They’re kind of still in the stone age with this sort of thing.""
Next Football Season, Suiting Up Could Include This Sweat-Tracking Wearable
Forbes - September 04, 2015
""Hydration for us is another element which has significant possibilities beyond counting steps or looking at activity. Physiologically, in my opinion, it goes beyond heart rate monitoring.""
Halo Wearables wants to put hydration on the fitness tracker agenda
Wearable.com - December 06, 2016
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